Amber Approved: Gluten, Dairy and Sugar-free Recipes to Nourish This Life

By December 4, 2013News & Events

I’m going to segway into this blog from the last one on emotional eating and talk about what really inspired me to write this book. I am so delighted to be launching “Amber Approved: Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Recipes to Nourish This Life” on December 10 here in Calgary at Self Connection Books in Bowness.

Being able to share some of the creations I’ve been making over the past couple years is very exciting and fulfilling for me. For others to be able to get a taste of how delicious and satisfying cooking and baking with whole foods is, really lights me up. I really want to show people it’s possible to create all your favorite meals, snacks and recipes without all the poor quality ingredients that are normally used like refined sugar, gluten, dairy, corn and soy.

These ingredients are some of the most common food allergens/sensitivities and for those who are sensitive, these ingredients can have quite a negative physical, mental and emotional impact on the body.

We all have different relationships with food and for a really long time I thought I had to break up with food, which meant letting go of all of my favorite foods and being stuck in a restrictive diet with only a few things I could actually stomach (mostly veggies, meat, healthy fats and some gluten-free grains). I felt kind of empty when I was so restricted, but if I added in anything else, I would fall right back into my vicious pattern of emotional eating.

After I started to experiment with healthy alternatives like gluten-free flours and low glycemic sweeteners (like yacon, lucuma and maple syrup) and figured out how to make icings and spreads with things like avocados and cashews, I started to see that it was possible to create all my favorite indulgences, as well as plenty of new ones. The outcomes have been delicious and satisfying. Banana bread French toast, hazelnut butter chocolate chip cookies and raw cinnamon rolls are just a few of my fave examples that I’ve been able to re-master in my own way.

It’s been a fun journey to re-create all my favorite recipes and create some new ones. It’s become a somewhat intuitive process, where I buy the ingredients I think the recipe needs and just throw a bit of this and that together, and it always works! I think when it comes to creating, if we just go with the flow and don’t stress over sticking rigidly to a recipe, it always turns out better than we expected. And I find when we are following a recipe so closely that there’s sweat dripping down our brow for fear we added an extra teaspoon of something that we can put that stressful energy into the recipe and increase our changes of it NOT turning out. Just have fun with it. If you want a bit of a different flavor, add more of what you love. I highly encourage it!

So for me the challenge for the book was actually remembering to measure and write everything down, since I normally just went with what I thought would work. It’s been so gratifying to bring the creations in my head to life and to be able to share it with my community and beyond. It’s the first of many to come. I want to step out into niche’s including a Candida-friendly Amber Approved cookbook, anti-inflammatory, all chocolate recipes, all pumpkin, all savory… the sky is the limit really when it comes to creating new recipes.

Since the type of foods we put in our bodies have such an impact on our health in a physical, mental, emotional level, it’s so important to make sure these foods (for the most part) are of optimal quality. Sure, there are will always be some times when things aren’t followed accordingly to plan and that’s ok. But it’s also possible to just shift the ingredients to more nutrient-dense options, like unpasteurized honey instead of white sugar, or teff flour instead of whole wheat. The taste isn’t compromised, it’s more satisfying and I’ve found you don’t need to eat as much because you feel fuller quickly as the foods have much higher nutritional value.

I will be posting a bunch of recipe tutorials, natural health tips and nutrition info as well as videos on emotional, compulsive, binge eating and food addiction (coming soon on my YouTube channel). Can’t wait to share this book and see what everyone thinks!

I’d love to thank the ladies of Gluten Free Calgary for having me as a guest blogger and supporting me on this journey to deliciousness and I look forward to sharing more with everyone in the way of food and recipes as well as other nutritional tips and knowledge in the future!

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