Product Review: True North Cannabis Hemp Hearts

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With the legalization of marijuana coming, hemp and cannabis products have gotten a lot of exposure. What people might not know is that hemp products aren’t the new kids on the block. I’ve been using my favourite hemp cream for probably 15 years now. And about 10 years ago I was introduced to hemp hearts by a personal trainer. So when True North Cannabis reached out asking us to give their hearts a whirl, I happily obliged.

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Product Review: Bobby Reed’s Exceptional Perogies

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I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon Bobby Reed’s but I’m sure glad I did. Finding new gluten free goodies is always exciting, especially when they’re a local business! Combine that with Bobby and Caroline – a couple of the coolest cats we’ve met – and you’ve got a recipe for greatness! But seriously – they’re WAY cooler than I ever thought of being. They play in a band together and make the BEST gluten free perogies I’ve ever tasted! Read More

Gluten Free Goodie Bags: UPDATE

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It’s that time again!!! The Spring edition of the Gluten Free Goodie Bag will be delivered April 12/13. This one is going out a little later than normal as we were waiting on some of the items.
We’re super excited about this bag!!! We’re sure you’re going to LOVE it too!! Don’t forget to share your goodies on social media and tag us in your posts!! @gfyyc #gfyyc
If you will be attending the Calgary Celiac Association’s Gourmet Gluten Free Dinner on Thursday, April 12th please let us know ASAP!! We will have your bag available at the dinner 🙂
We also wanted to provide an important update regarding the Goodie Bags. The last one will be delivered mid to late June. We will be suspending this service and relaunching in 2019. We are working with some well established subscription box providers in order to offer you a better experience. Stay tuned for more updates, hopefully this fall! If you have any questions we’re happy to answer them! We love your feedback and want to hear what you want to see from us and how we can serve you better!
Thanks for supporting Gluten Free Calgary!!
Jillian from GFYYC
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Navigating Social Gatherings

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Having just enjoyed a thanksgiving feast I’m reminded that the dreaded holiday season is upon us. Yes – dreaded. I don’t mean dreaded in the sense of spending time with friends and family. I mean I DREAD having to navigate the holiday parties and gatherings. It doesn’t matter how many people know I’m Celiac, it seems during the holidays I have to explain myself so much more AND take the uneducated criticism. Read More

nuPasta Review

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It’s 4:25PM – 5 minutes to quitting time and it dawns on me… we have nothing in the house to make supper. The last thing I want to do it think about it. So I popped into the grocery store on the way home from work praying that something quick an easy would jump out at me.

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I was glutened.

For those of you that don’t use the term “glutened”, it’s what I refer to as ingesting gluten unknowingly or by mistake. As the years have progressed since my diagnosis, being glutened has become less and less of an occurrence. I’m extremely careful when I eat out and I’m the first person to educate friends or family to ensure they know how to prepare food when I’m around. I avoid buffets and do my research before heading out for a meal. At the end of the day though – there’s still always that chance. That chance that someone is going to be lazy, or forgetful, and I just might end up sick. It’s the risk you take when dining out or trusting someone else to prepare your meal. But just because you’re celiac doesn’t mean you curl up (or run to the bathroom) and hide. You just need to do a little bit of educating and prep so you’re in the clear – but even that is never 100%.

Story time.  Read More

Back to School: Celiac Style

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Going back to school can already bring up enough emotions for a kid who doesn’t want summer to end.  Throwing an allergy or intolerance into the mix is adding insult to injury! So for those families with celiac children – we’ve got you!

Here’s our quick tips for making the transition back easier on EVERYONE!

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Top 5 Gluten Free Skin Care Products

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If you’re like me – everything in life is gluten free. It’s not just what I put in my mouth but also what I put on my skin. I noticed a few years back that my skin started to react to products with wheat, gluten or oats in it. Great. Now what? Well I’ve been testing these products out for a while now and I’m so excited to share them with you! Here are my top five gluten free skin care products!

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The Gluten-Free Traveler: L’Oven in West Kelowna, BC

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Canada is full of wonderful places to visit, and what’s especially cool about this is, they’re all very different. You’ve got Anne of Green Gables style cottages, midday lobster dinners and accents that resemble the Irish on one coast. You’ve got architecture and French culture somewhere in the middle. There are great camping spots through the prairies; and snowboarding and hiking in the mountains. And in interior BC, you can find a little slice of heaven known as the Okanagan Lake. There is the big-ish city of Kelowna (where you’d likely fly into if you were visiting) that has everything you need -it sits right on the lake which is surrounded by campgrounds, golf courses, beaches, boat rentals and of course, wineries. Everything (at least just outside of Kelowna) has a very small-town charm to it—a wine country charm. People are friendly. Locals know one another and often grew up here, or have relocated here for retirement. It’s the friendliest little place, and oh my goodness, is it ever beautiful. You may find your mood change the moment you land here. I know mine does. I’m calmer. I breathe deeper. I marvel a little more. It’s one of my most favourite places in the world to relax. Read More