Back to School: Celiac Style

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Going back to school can already bring up enough emotions for a kid who doesn’t want summer to end.  Throwing an allergy or intolerance into the mix is adding insult to injury! So for those families with celiac children – we’ve got you!

Here’s our quick tips for making the transition back easier on EVERYONE!

First things first. Notify the school! It’s important that they know what they’re dealing with. A little education goes a long way too. HERE are some great letter templates you can customize for yourself! The Canadian Celiac Association also has a PDF you can print out and provide the teacher.

Second – Prepare ahead of time! Ask the teacher to provide you with a list of birthdays for the year. If there’s a plan to celebrate these birthdays with treats – you NEED to know. Advanced notice means your little one won’t be left out of the festivities and you can provide a gluten free alternative.

Next – Educate your child! If your child is just entering school for the first time – and you’ve been in charge of food to this point – it’s important that they understand what they’re up against. Here are a few books that might make that easier on both of you! **Note these are affiliate links**

Free to be gluten free!

Willie Villie Meets Casey Kramps in Sprueville: A Book About Celiac Disease

Eating Gluten Free with Emily: A Story for Children with Celiac Disease

For more information on going back to school “Celiac Style” check out the following helpful resources:

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Gluten-Free Treats and Snacks in the Classroom

Stay tuned for next week’s post when we chat about being “glutened” and the importance of being your biggest advocate.



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