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My eyes literally beamed with excitement when I looked at the menu.  Nearly all of it, was, or could be made gluten free!  Fellow celiacs will know and understand, just how rare this is.  Blue Star Diner is perhaps most commonly known for its delicious brunch, however, it is an absolute contender as a lunch, dinner, and (possibly best kept secret) Taco Tuesday spot!!

I had been to BSD in the past, and its equally as charming same owner counterpart Dairy Lane Café many times for brunch, but never for dinner, and certainly not for tacos!  Admittedly, we went for a quick bite after a nearby workout at local Bridgeland studio MovementU.  We figured we could get in without a wait, grab a healthy bite, and I knew that it would be safe for my celiac self, and yet still with plenty of options for my friend who has no dietary concerns.  What neither of us realized or gave too much thought to, was the fact that it was a Tuesday.  Now, for anyone that knows me, they know that I love a good taco, and more so, love to participate in Taco Tuesday (not that I need an excuse or certain day of the week to indulge).  As such, upon taking our place of choice at the bar counter (there was only one empty table left in the restaurant, but we preferred bar seats anyway), we were presented with the regular daily menu, and then a special Taco Tuesday menu as well.


After having perused the regular menu, my mouth was already watering, and my friend was giving me a look that said, “you’re in heaven right now, aren’t you?”, I smiled back, knowing I was.  Not only was I presented with an abundance of choice, I also knew that I would be safe to eat here, and taken care of, as I knew that the owner takes great pride in serving those of us with dietary concerns, and makes us feel at ease and not like we are different in any way, which is such a relief.  When the very friendly server came by, I asked him if any of the tacos could be made GF, and he replied with, “you bet, all of them!”.  Again, I think I audibly squealed with excitement, and lit up with joy.

This made the choice easy for me.  While I could’ve easily ordered a number of things on the regular menu, as many of them peaked my interested and were “safe” for me to eat, I just couldn’t resist ordering the tacos.  I figured I would save the other choices for another day of the week, so as to not interrupt weekly tradition.

The choices of the tacos were very intriguing as well, not just your run of the mill standard pork, chicken and taco, that you often find at most restaurants.  There were 4 choices, fried avocado (which is also vegan), lamb donair, catfish, and cheesesteak.  While I could’ve likely gorged on all 4, I made the wise choice to just eat 3, so I wouldn’t be stuffed.  And, that turned out to be a great decision.  2 would’ve left me hungry (especially after a workout!), and 4 would’ve left me too full.  3 it was – and no worries, as I knew I’d be back to try the other one I didn’t order.  I ordered one of each minus the lamb, for no other reason, then those 3 caught my eye first.  It isn’t often I get to have a fish taco that isn’t grilled, so this was the first one I knew I was going to order.

The tacos came out within about 20 minutes, fresh from the kitchen.  They were all on corn tortillas, and while not necessarily traditional fillings, they were certainly traditional in size/shape, and exactly what I envisioned for taco Tuesday.

Let me tell you…….they were TO DIE FOR.  I don’t often give such rave reviews, but this was one of those meals that you think about many times after, and when you do, your mouth waters.  It’s one of those, can’t wait to eat again meals, and even one that you would consider for a last meal, or at least part of it.  Honestly, my mouth is watering as I write this days later, which should tell you something.

They all had such great texture and flavors that just worked.  The avocado one was nice and had a little crunch to it that I loved.  The cheesesteak one really tasted like Philly, with the sauce and peppers adding to it nicely.  And my personal favorite was the catfish.  It was breaded in cornmeal and topped with pickled cabbage and crispy capers, but it was not too salty in the least.


I almost didn’t want to tell you.  I almost selfishly wanted to keep this little secret to myself, so that I could always get my bar stool on Tuesdays going forward, but, I knew that wasn’t fair.  From someone who has eaten a LOT of tacos in her day, and lived in Mexico for 4 years, eating all kinds of tacos, I have to say, these might just be the best tacos I have ever had.  No joke.  BSD didn’t know I was there to blog, so no special treatment was given, and no extra love was put into those tacos, so you know any one of you would get the exact same dish served the same way.

The icing on the cake is that BSD has such amazing service, you feel so welcomed and taken care of.  The atmosphere is just right too, with the right buzz in the restaurant, the perfect lighting, music and ambiance.  And, most of the ingredients are locally sourced, from the beef to dairy, to eggs, etc.  Lastly, the price is just right.  For the tacos we enjoyed, they were $3 each.  You cannot even eat crappy fast food for that price.  And all prices on the menu looked very reasonable.  Plus, it is licensed to boot, with a great selection of wine, cider and even GF beer!


So go, enjoy both Bridgeland’s BSD and its counterpart in West Hillhurst Dairy Lane Café.  If you happen to go on a Tuesday, I’ll be the one bellied up at the bar, stuffing my face with tacos every week for the rest of time!





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