The Smith – Our New GF Fave!

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by Tessa-May Marr

There’s a brand new gluten-free favourite in town, so get our your day planners and book yourself a night on the town at The Smith—IMMEDIATELY!

This summer, in the heart of Canyon Meadows, the sign was hung on the two-story building just off McLeod Trail announcing the opening of The Smith Restaurant. Read More

gluten free bushfire chicken wings

Bushfire Chicken Wings

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When you decide you want chicken wings – even if more takeout places are now producing acceptable GF-versions – there are times you would rather be able to freely eat without the financial burden that comes with consuming things that cost a buck a wing, or more. So, next time the family pack of wings go on sale at your local grocery store, grab a package (or two) of them – because this recipe for Bushfire Chicken Wings is guaranteed to please the whole household.

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Gluten-Free Barbecue – Big T’s BBQ, Calgary

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Let me tell you about Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse’s brisket – not even the merest hint of dryness about this notoriously lean and obstinate cut of beef. Whoever smoked this knew what they were doing (look at that pink smoke ring!). Every bite was juicy, tender, and with such a complex layer of flavors running over your tongue – that subtle, unmistakable smoke signature (sweet, because they use applewood from the Okanagan here), and the signature rub that sinks its roots deep into the meat over the 6-hour journey in their onsite smoker.

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How Far We’ve Come & What’s Next For Our Community-Powered Organization

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Gluten Free Calgary has been around now for three and a half years—can you believe that? It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around sometimes, that’s for sure. I remember dreaming this up, sitting at a patio in late summer of 2012, and now we have a beautiful website, a blog full of great content, a local restaurant map, a team of dedicated volunteers and a huge community of people to support! We work closely with the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association and partner with local nutritionist, Amber Romaniuk of Amber Approved—also contributing regularly to her health magazine. We sponsor and exhibit at various events throughout the year, including various gluten-free markets and of course, the wildly successful GF Oktoberfest that we kicked off last October.

Let’s take a second to celebrate the success we’ve had thus far! (Raise a GF beer…) Cheers, everyone, and a big thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us so far.

IMG_3030 small

Building all of this has required a lot of time, energy and dedication, and a personal investment on my part as well. While we do everything we can to keep our expenses low, operating something like this does require some minimal funding. It’s grown big enough that I can no longer handle it all on my own, so I’ve recruited the help of our Ambassador, Rae Lemke Sprung. And we want to keep supporting you in even more ways! We recently conducted a survey to hear from you, our #GFcommunity, about what you love and what you want to see more of. We have lots of ideas, thanks to all of you who participated, including more events, restaurant and product reviews. There is so much on the horizon still to come!

I call this a community-powered organization because the only way we are able to run successfully is with the dedication and support of our team, our volunteers and our community. I’m not looking to get rich from this venture, but I do need some help to keep this momentum going.

How can you help?

Well, we have added a Donate button to our website. If you’re able to contribute at all, we would be hugely appreciative. It will only help us do more to support you.

Can’t help financially? That’s okay!

We’re also currently recruiting for another blogger—someone to focus on pastries, baking and sweets in general (how fun does that sound)? Interested? Email us!

Thank you again, #GFCommunity. Here’s to three and a half more years – and beyond!

Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy

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It’s not always the person living gluten-free who’s making the gluten-free meals. When you’re loving and feeding someone who eats gluten-free, doing something special like making dinner also means taking special care around ingredients, techniques and recipes. Luckily, if you’re thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, we’ve got an awesome GF version of a classic romantic dinner for you today, brought to you by one of our loved ones. It’s Yorkshire puddings and gravy! Read More

Plantains, Gizzards and Greens

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in addition to Thai, Vietnamese and Ethiopian, there’s another set of countries that feature very tasty and nutritious dishes, also naturally gluten-free, that are just waiting their turn to burst onto the North American dining scene – and that’s the cuisine that spreads across the length of West Africa. If you’ve never had anything cooked in a bit of redolent, brilliantly orange palm oil, let me introduce you to a new dinner idea – West African Plantains, Gizzards and Greens, from Cameroon, where I grew up.

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German Pork and Red Cabbage

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German Pork and Red Cabbage – especially when made in the slow-cooker – features ingredients that taste like they were absolutely MADE for comfort-food cooking. The pork can literally be cut with a spoon, and is meltingly delicious, melding beautifully with the deep hearty sweetness of the red cabbage, with the whole thing turned up just a couple of tangy notches by the addition of vinegar and pepper.

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What’s turkey without stuffing? What’s Christmas dinner without stuffing, for that matter? Sure, it’s a simple dish we take for granted, but you really, really miss it when you realize you can’t make those yummy cold turkey, cranberry and stuffing sandwiches later that night from the leftovers without stuffing in them! Here’s a foolproof recipe that will bring back this comfort food for you.

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Gluten Free Cabbage Rolls

Inside Out Cabbage Rolls

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Is there anything in the ranks of comfort food that comes close to evoking childhood memories like cabbage rolls do? (Well, at least for those of us with strong European, and Eastern European heritage). I think because these little bundles of delight are so often served as part of a hearty perogyfest, they’ve maybe become guilty by association with those wonderful but unfortunately gluten-packed pillows of goodness, and have thus metaphorically slid off the plate, to become a wistful pre-GF memory.

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Pork Loin Bebimbap

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One of my absolute favorite dishes in this great Canadian culinary mosaic has got to be the stellar Korean dish called Bebimbap. Bebimbap literally means “mixed rice” in Korean, and it starts with a base of warm rice in a bowl, topped with seaweed, vegetables, sometimes meat, kimchee, and an egg – sometimes raw, sometimes poached, and an array of choices when it comes to sauce to flavor things. Even if you don’t have a pantry full of Korean specialties, you CAN make your own yummy version of bebimbap tonight.

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Red Beans and Rice

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Red Beans and Rice. It’s a phrase that’s usually said with the kind of reverence one uses for elemental dishes, identity food, stuff that defines a culture – things like “Apple Pie a la Mode” or “Sachertorte” or “Pierogies”. In this case, it’s a close cousin to that other staple of Cajun cuisine, jambalaya, and in many respects, it embodies many of the defining flavors of Louisiana cooking.

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Stampede Parade Brunch In Bed

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It’s that time of year – the time when many Calgarians decide our visitors from many lands can have the city for a couple of weeks while we do some quiet vacationing somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, Stampede’s a good time (but we who live here usually take it in smaller sips). So – how does one celebrate the beginning of the greatest outdoor show on earth? Sure, you could head downtown at zero dark thirty and secure a prime spot on the curb for the Stampede parade, but this year, I think I’d rather have a relaxing and celebratory event at home – one that can be done in your PJ’s, watching CTV’s impeccable coverage – a Stampede Parade Brunch in Bed.

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