For a while now, we here at Gluten Free Calgary have been wanting to bring you information on gluten-free products beyond recipes and foodstuffs. Many of us following a gluten-free lifestyle want or need to take it beyond just what we eat – reactions can happen just from ingesting a lipstick made with gluten or by a wheat-containing hairspray landing on our toothbrush in the bathroom. It’s for reasons like this that gluten-free skin care products, which we put on our bodies and can be ingested by putting a finger covered with hand cream in our mouths, for example, are important if not essential to those of us living gluten-free.

Keri-Ann Paterson comes to the game with years of experience in cosmetics and skin care. Her mission is to provide safe, natural, gluten-free products – made in a dedicated gluten-free environment – that still do the important work of keeping skin healthy and looking its best. She uses essential oils and locally produced products in her skincare line, with the integrity of the products and their gluten-free status top of mind.

luxurious, all-natural body scrub

One of Paterson’s Cabin’s fully natural products – you could eat this! – is the delectable Warm Cabin Body Scrub. Made with white sugar, vanilla extract and spices, this scrub is gentle enough to use often but has real exfoliating power and, like all products in this line, has a lovely and light scent which won’t overpower other products.

wonderful hand, foot and body creams

I also tried Paterson’s Cabin’s hand cream, Porch Flowers; body cream, Dew of the Forest; and foot cream; Barefoot in the Forest. Porch Flowers has the most overtly floral scent of the collection, but manages to remain light and unassuming, and is miraculous in its ability to be moisturizing without greasiness. Dew of the Forest is a wonderful all-over body cream with a mild cedar wood scent; it has a heavier texture than the hand cream, but remains non-greasy and is intensely moisturizing for very dry skin. Barefoot in the Forest retains the non-greasy feeling and is even more thick and powerful – it’s ideal for dry, cracked heels.

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My husband Craig and I both are using the Paterson’s Cabin Heritage Soap – my husband is using the bar version, and I’ve taken to the felted bar, which is covered in naturally antibacterial wool felt and provides a little extra exfoliation with the lather coming up through the felt which acts like a washmitt. Craig has announced that it’s his favourite soap ever, and I must agree that it feels a little like a spa treatment every time I use the felted bar. This will become a staple in our house – our bars are already well-loved!

Paterson’s Cabin is a rapidly expanding line – I got a sneak peek of some new products which will be launched shortly – and I can wholeheartedly recommend the products I’ve gotten the opportunity to try. Here at GFYYC, we love supporting local GF businesses, and it’s a pleasure to give you the inside scoop on Paterson’s Cabin. Paterson’s Cabin will be at the Commonwealth Collector’s Club at Commonwealth Bar & Stage this Sunday, February 7th from 1-6 PM. Stop by and say hi to Keri-Ann! (Find out more about this market here)

Paterson’s Cabin products can be purchased at

Disclosure: Products were provided by Paterson’s Cabin in exchange for an unbiased review.

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