Detox January & Our First Fitness Challenge

By December 29, 2013News & Events

We all have heard (or tell ourselves year after year) the oh-so-famous New Years resolution to ‘get fit’ and ‘eat healthy’. As so many of us often spend December at holiday events that include an abundance of delicious and homemade treats (yes Grandma, you are 100% to blame for my button popping off after turkey dinner), January is the month to kickstart the new year with a new outlook on health. We want to create a community where everyone is encouraged to eat healthy and be fit in the YYC!

With that, we’d like to invite you to participate and follow along with us in our very first fitness challenge!

Have you heard of Jillian Michaels and her “30-Day Shred”? That’s what we’re going to take on. The workout videos will be posted in our Facebook event for everyone to access, as well as a suggested schedule and other details. We’ll kick things off on January 2nd (as we figured we’d be realistic and give ourselves the 1st to nurse our NYE hangovers). We’ve done this previously and it’s a terrific way to get yourself back in the habit of daily exercise and with the workouts being only 30 minutes long, you can always budget a little time in your day for it. NO EXCUSES! (Nothing will work off that shortbread better!)

So follow along on our event on Facebook (JOIN NOW!) (and pweeeeasse forward and invite your friends) for access to all the workouts and perhaps *cough* a few giveaways for participants.

What else is going on this month for Detox January?

Well, we will also be featuring a few of our favorite cleanses here on our blog this month. We will try and promote the healthy lifestyle that we all lead before the Christmas season hit. This means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, exercising before work, scheduling your workout routine for the week so you don’t miss your favorite spin instructor’s class and eating just one (gluten  free) cookie instead of 17. If you’d like to receive all these helpful blog posts right to your email inbox, be sure to subscribe on our website.

Alright, time to commit! (And if nothing else, join a community of people trying to get back on the fitness train, just like you!) Sign up now and invite your friends on Facebook so we can all get back on track and be even healthier than we were in 2013!



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