Dine Out: Monki Bistro

By December 6, 2013News & Events

Our new fave hidden gem of the month: Monki Bistro (www.monki.ca)

Located on the corner of 10th Ave and 12th Street southwest, we stumbled upon it, well, rather snowshoe-d into it, on what Nenshi declared as a “City Wide Snowday”. We had always been meaning to check this place out as it is literally right around the corner from us, and with both of our cars being buried under snowdrifts, today was a prime opportunity to shuffle over!

From business suits to the hippest of hipsters, this place was pretty packed (even on a day like today)! Our main attraction was the great selection of gluten free baked goods on the menu, compliments of our friend Kerry Bennett, the wizardly chef and creator of Care Bakery. (www.carebakery.com)


Spanish Chorizo, caramelized onion & goat cheese:


Sun-dried cherry tomato, spicy monki sausage, pesto & white gold fior di latte:


(Who can say no to in-house made sausage?!)

The windows were frosted over, the service was warm and friendly and the music was awesome, echoing through the little, eclectic space (we found ourselves on Shazam at least a half a dozen times throughout breakfast!). Most importantly, the food was outstanding. We licked both plates clean, but the benny did come out in first place in our opinion. Great flavors! And the bun by Care Bakery was fabulous as always. If you find yourself at this little bistro in the near future, order yourself up a benny and ENJOY.

TGIF. The weekend is upon us kiddies!! Where are you brunching?