Eggy Hammy Cheesy Breakfast Sandwich

Well, now that McDonald’s is offering breakfast all day, I suppose it’s time to reveal an old GF family secret – something that beats fast food into the ground while satisfying your cravings for an Egg McMuffin.  I am especially happy that the world of GF Bread seems to be constantly improving – even if you have to go a bit out of your way initially to find it – because let’s face it, breakfast without good bread is not really breakfast, especially if you’re looking to indulge in something really tasty and satisfying.  The next BIG step in GF Bread, now launched in Calgary, are the wonderful loaves produced by the Little Northern Bakehouse.  Both the seeds & grains and the millet & chia loaves are winners, with an excellent texture, size, and taste – not to mention the very pleasant aroma as the slices gently brown in the toaster.  This is a great foundation for a breakfast sandwich – and you can find LNB bread at some Safeways (in the miniscule frozen GF section, when they can keep it in stock), and ALSO at Costco – although they only carry the seeds & grains version, in 2-pack loaves, for $8.99 a pack.  Still not cheap, but beating holey old Udi hands down.

Behold, what we call the “Eggy-Hammy-Cheesy” at our house.  That’s an unwieldy title, but it does capture everything between the slices that turns this into a winning breakfast you can hold in one hand while swiping through the iPad or clicking through the channels on a slow Saturday morning in bed.



  • Two slices of Little Northern Bakehouse bread
  • One egg
  • 2-4 slices of GF ham, turkey, or chicken lunch meat.  GF versions include Schneiders Country Naturals, or Maple Leaf, among others.  Buy them in the package, not at the deli counter (to prevent cross-contamination from the slicer)
  • Sliced cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, swiss, or other favorite cheese, to cover a slice of bread completely.
  • 1/2 tablespoon Miracle Whip (or other mayonnaise – but I have fallen hard for the proverbial tangy zip of this Kraft product.  Call me a sellout).


  • Fry the egg in a pan with a bit of butter or olive oil.  I prefer them over hard, so as not to dribble yolk down my arm when eating the sandwich.  But do what you like – you can eat this with a knife and fork if you want.
  • Once the egg is nearly done, put the bread in the toaster, and add ham slices to the frying pan to sear.

IMG_0056 (1)

  • Spread the Miracle Whip on the toast once it pops up.
  • Cover one slice of toast with cheese slices.
  • Carefully place the egg on the cheese, and the ham slices on top of the egg.


  • Cover with the other toast slice, and cut the sandwich into a diagonal.


Advise the family that the first Eggy-Hammy-Cheesy is ready, then serve with a dollop of ketchup, or hot sauce, or chili sauce, or nothing at all.  Make more, till everyone has one.  Breakfast in one hand, just like a McMuffin, but better-tasting and more proteinaceous.

Markus Lemke

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Amateur foodie, omnivore, and Grampy. Not celiac - but I get to cook for three celiacs in my house, including my wife, the love of my life. Life's too short to eat bad food, so my passion is to make gluten free taste as good as anything the rest of the world eats. (Doesn't always work, but I have a dream...)

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