Juicing to Detoxify

By January 6, 2014News & Events

Many of us are feeling the effects from our holiday binge eating at all those gatherings with friends and family this past holiday season. The large holiday meals over load our digestive systems – causing many of us to feel sluggish, bloated and cranky. Juicing has always been my favourite way to give my body a reprive from the constant snacking I put it through. I had noticed my energy levels were very low as a result of so much tasty food that I couldn’t say no to.  Consider how often we send food through our digestive tract – and how much! Our body is constantly processing your last meal, and that uses a lot of our body’s energy reserves.

Juice is beneficial because your body barely does a thing to digest and assimilate the nutrients found there. We know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, though we often don’t. Juicing is a super quick way to receive the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables without having to actually prepare a meal. It’s easy, tasty nutrition, and I get to be lazy. Win – win!

I have a passion for creating surprisingly delicious vegetable juices and sharing these recipes with others. As a former fat kid, I love to eat – and I believe that healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore. I agreed to help share some of what I love with you and I hope you’re inspired to try something new in your routine. Stay tuned for more recipes and ideas as I share the journey with the gals of GFyyc!

Wait… who’s Mark? We asked him that.
“As a former obese kid, I want to help cut the confusion around what to eat these days. I love juicing for the simplicity, the creativity, and the nourishment I get! I want to open juice bars across Canada to enliven communities, and support individuals with whatever they’re working towards. Follow me at www.MarkJ.ca!”