Recipe: Grandma’s McIntosh Cookies

By December 3, 2014Recipes

Hi Everyone!

These bad boys are a classic in my family, we wait all year for my Grandma (then my mom, now me) to make these McIntosh Cookies at Christmas time! They are sweet, rich, crunchy and chewy. When I donated them to the bake sale I had to pry them out of my wife’s hands!

5 McIntosh Toffee Bars
2 Tbsp Cream
3 cups Corn Flakes
1 cup Coconut

In a pot over low heat, melt toffee bars with cream.
Take off heat and add the Corn Flakes and Coconut.
Mix well, drop onto a greased cookie sheet.
Let harden in fridge.


Next week, we will be making a super classic shortbread and then I have a couple requests on the docket! Is there something specific you want to see? A craving you need satisfied? Let us know at

Have a fabulous week everyone, and eat scads of these cookies for me!
Xoxo – Cass