The Gluten Free Macaroon Cookie… By George

By November 15, 2014Recipes

You know those days when you’re browsing through the mall and you get accosted by the wafting smells of fresh baking, making their way to you from the sweet shop around the corner from the store selling the over-priced designer boots you’re trying on for yourself while you’re supposed to be Christmas shopping? Don’t you just want to tell those delicious wafting scents to F!<# off and leave you alone so you can shop in peace? After all, when are those fresh baked scents ever associated with anything we, living gluten-free, can consume.

Well, friends. We’re here to tell you to follow your nose. If it’s Cookies by George around the corner from you, YOU ARE IN LUCK!

Cookies by George has started offering a gluten-free cookie for us to enjoy: The Macaroon Chocolate Chunk. They’ve crafted up a mouth-watering, chocolatey treat that will completely satisfy that sweet tooth. And, it’s as good, if not better, than the other cookies they sell as well. (Trust me, I’ve had non-gluten-free friends try… and they are perfectly pleased with this macaroon.)

Now I know, for some us with Celiac disease, cross contamination is a very big factor. Not only do we need gluten-free ingredients, but facilities matter just as much. We reached out to the fine folks at Cookies by George to get a little insider info on what happens in their kitchen.

“We do all that we can to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of our Gluten Free Macaroon Chocolate Chunk Cookies with gluten flour. Prior to making the macaroon cookie dough, we re-sanitize all equipment and surfaces. (This is also done at the end of the day and we take the added protection of re-sanitizing in the morning.)

At our stores, we use clean and sanitized scoops for each tray of macaroon cookies (we hand scoop each cookie). The cookies are kept on separate trays in the display case and a new, clean pair of gloves or separate tongs are used to serve these cookies.

There is always the chance of cross contamination (whenever you have either gluten flour or other gluten products in the same facility), but we have had good success with our procedures. Since we have adjusted our recipe to be Gluten Free last summer, we have sold over 200,000 Macaroons and have received only one complaint to date (the customer forgot to ask for her macaroon cookie to be separately packed from the other gluten cookies and her son had a reaction the other gluten cookie crumbs on his cookie).”

We really like the sounds of those odds!

And this time of year is a great time of year to follow George’s motto: “Carpe Cookie (Seize the Cookie)”!

So, run, don’t walk, to your closest Cookies by George location and get yourself an entire box of these babies! They make great Christmas gifts, or desserts for your party. Or hey, if you want to eat the entire thing in front of the television with a bottle of wine, who are we to judge! They do say Merlot pairs especially well with chocolate….