The Gluten-Free Restaurant Awards!

Calgary is full of awesome restaurants all over town, and ever since we emerged in 2012, we have been so pleased to watch as more and more of them began to offer gluten-free menu items that were safe for our community to enjoy.

First of all, we want to give them all some mad props. We can’t express how great it is to be able to go out and eat with your friends and be able to order at least something, and in some cases, a lot of things, off the menu. At Gluten Free Calgary, we like to show some love for these restaurants by featuring them on our GFYYC map and now we’d like to take it a step further and hand out some awards!

Tell us…

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN CALGARY that offers gluten-free items?

We’re going to start with a nomination period that will be open for the rest of January, followed by a link to vote, open for the month of February.

This gives you lots of time to head out and try some of the places you haven’t yet visited, and then before the vote closes on February 28, 2017, we want to hear what you loved the most!

So don’t delay! Nominate a restaurant (or many restaurants) by clicking here

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Rae Lemke Sprung

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I wear a lot of hats, and one of the most important is gluten-free advocate. I love seeking out and sharing the best ways those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle can find safe and delicious options.

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