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It was a Saturday night, so we knew it would be busy, but when the friendly hostess at Una told us that for a table of 4 it would be 1.5-2 hours wait, we all agreed in unison to go have a drink elsewhere and wait it out, as they take down your number and give you a call when your table is ready.  We had all been there many times before and knew it was going to be worth the wait.  We finally were seated at 10:30pm, and the place was still packed, with a line out the door.



Una Pizza + Wine, affectionately known to most as just Una, is a happening spot on 17th Ave, and hits it out of the park consistently.  The same group that owns both Ox & Angela and Native Tongues owns Una, and all 3 locations are lively, have great food, and all accommodate those with celiac disease and/or gluten allergies.

Una has a robust menu, and most items can be modified to become gluten free.  The staff are all very aware of cross contamination and take great care when prepping gluten free food.  The kitchen is essentially an open space, so you can actually see what the chefs are doing and how they are handling the food, in case you have any concerns – you quickly realize that, there is no need to feel unsafe here.


While there are a lot of appetizers, the main event is dominated by a delicious selection of pizzas, and they can all be made on Care Bakery gluten free crust, which is delicious.  I went with 3 non celiac friends, and they all loved the GF crust and said they would choose it over the regular crust any day, as they likely the thin crispiness of it.

We ordered the kale caesar salad which is in my opinion, one of the best things they have on the menu.  Note, the salad typically comes with toasted breadcrumbs on it, but, they modified and served those on the side so the entire dish was gluten free, and my friends were able to add a sprinkle of crumbs to their portion on their own plates.  We also ordered 2 pizzas to share, the mushroom, which has smoked mozzarella, arugula and truffle oil, and the 4-maggi, which is a blend of cheeses, topped with a drizzle of sea salt and honey.  Both are equally delicious, and are causing my mouth to water just thinking about.  They both paired great with a bottle of the house white wine as well.





The service, atmosphere and attention to care when it comes to being celiac is what makes this place amazing.  Una offers both dine in, and take out options.  Overall, I can’t think of one thing I would change about Una.  And, I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks this way, as when we were leaving just after midnight, the lineup to get in was still out the door.  I highly recommend checking this hotspot out for your next night out on the town!





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