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Travelling made easy!

Are you planning a vacation in 2016? Have you been worried about finding accommodations which will fit in with your gluten-free lifestyle? A new site based in Spain wants to help you take the guesswork out of booking your hotel.

glutenfreehotels.net is a ‘travel concierge’ service which researches hotels and helps you choose the right location for your travel needs. Their twist is that the owner of the site himself has celiac disease and understands the different needs that people who eat gluten-free have from a hotel.

The website staff have personally reviewed hotels in multiple destinations, from European hotspots including London, Rome, Ibiza and Venice to New York City. They proudly note their mission to normalize travelling for people who must eat gluten-free and make it as easy for us to “prepare [our] trips today and travel tomorrow” as anyone else.  Once you’ve reviewed the hotels they’ve checked out in your desired vacation location, you can get in touch with the company online to request more information or to book.

The site is run by a Spanish company, so you’ll notice that the majority of reviewed hotels are in Europe – making this a great resource if you’re planning a European adventure!

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