Your Guide To Using A Food Processor

By July 23, 2015Blog, health

In recent years, the food processor has made it big, and there are common brand names that we are all finding ourselves discussing now more than ever (or is it just that I’m getting older and with age, food preparation becomes more of a hot topic than in younger years?).

Regardless, many of us who live gluten-free know that buying things pre-made is somewhat limiting. The food processor presents a great opportunity for us to create and make our own inventions in the comfort of our own kitchens. It’s also pretty darn easy to use–which is beneficial for those of us that don’t consider ourselves anything more than average chefs (aka our major kitchen-related activity is opening a bottle of wine).

The hardest part: cleaning. When shopping for a food processor, be sure to consider this! Delicious culinary creations are often tainted by massive clean jobs following, so keep it simple so you have more precious time to savour your food!

Here are is your guide to using a food processor (kindly provided by

Now tell us — what’s your preferred brand of food processor? And better than that… what’s your favourite food processor recipe?