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GFYYC is an online resource for the gluten-free community, in YYC and beyond. Our website and social media networks provide a place for the community to come together and share news, events, contests, recipes and much, much more.

We’ve been active since 2012, and are proud partners of the Canadian Celiac Association. We’re all about sharing the love and supporting one another in living a gluten-free life!

The GFYYC Map features restaurants that offer gluten-free options, as well as stores that sell gluten-free products. This makes the map an amazing resource in connecting local businesses with all you GF foodies out there.


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Violino Traditional Italian Restaurant – Edmonton, Alberta

By | Blog, Dine Out, Dining, The Gluten Free Traveler, Travel | One Comment

Our server arrived. This is one of those rare guys who exudes passion for his job, and his job is your satisfaction. We repeated our Gluten Free message after a good look at Violino’s full menu – and when he told us that everything but two items on the menu could and would be made without gluten, our celiacs were rendered speechless. When he went on to ask if they would like some Gluten Free bread to start – which would take about 12 minutes, as it is fresh-baked to order (!) – they actually teared up. Much, much later, after lobster risotto, black and white linguine with shrimp, chicken breast with crab and goat cheese stuffing, and veal and pork meatballs with herbed goat cheese on fusilli, we fell silent. This food monopolized any conversation. And we eavesdropped on other tables – that one with the socialite ladies out from their own Glenora mansions for the evening, with a celiac among them too…and this one, with the East Indian couple whose meal left them totally relaxed, totally full, and totally happy.

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Sweet Surprise in Courtenay, BC

By | Blog, Dine Out, The Gluten Free Traveler | One Comment

Sweet Surprise Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe – Everything that Heidi Lochmatter and Alex Lochmatter do out of an impossibly small kitchen and quaint little bistro out front at the corner of Cliffe Avenue and 5th Street in Courtenay, BC, is not only completely gluten free – it’s so indescribably delicious and imaginative and memory-making that after a mere 24 months in business, these ladies are planting the flag: Celiacs deserve destination vacations, and Courtenay’s ready to play host.

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Tex-Mex Chicken-Mango Salad

By | Blog, Dining, Recipes | No Comments

Tex-Mex Chicken-Mango Salad

School’s out, the kids have already switched to holiday mode, and with the weather shifting to muggy tornado season, there’s ample reason not to want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.  There are plenty of one-dish meals you can make for this time of year, but Tex-Mex Chicken-Mango Salad is a great option for mixing up plenty of excellent Southwestern flavours on one plate.  There are a couple of ingredients to make ahead on this one – but they take so little time that you can easily fit them in between lounging on the deck, getting up to fetch some iced tea, and folding the laundry.  And this protein-packed recipe lets you maximize a little bit of chicken over several servings.  It also keeps well overnight in the fridge, if you wanted to serve the leftovers tomorrow. Read More