Gluten Free Traveler: El Dorado Seaside Suites

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We’ve traveled to Mexico quite a bit over the years. It’s proximity to us (quick, direct flight) and the predominant use of corn while cooking made it an easy choice. And we’ve stayed at all types of resorts; big and small. But I still struggled finding a variety of food options during our stay.Traveling as a celiac requires research and planning ahead (something I’ve gotten really good at). So after an intense internet search I was surprised (and a bit skeptical) when I heard the Karisma resort chain accommodated travellers with allergies.

Before booking I sent an email to the resort with my concerns and some questions. I was mostly concerned I’d be eating salad all week. My fears were quickly diffused! The food services manager got back to me and assured me I would be looked after. They have very knowledgeable staff and fairly extensive gluten free options at all 10 (YES – I SAID 10!!!) restaurants and even a separate area at the buffet for gluten free guests. She advised me to let them know I was celiac when booking so they could put a note on our reservation. She also asked that I email her with the booking info when it was done so she could note when we’d be arriving.

So it was time to bite the bullet and make the reservation. We settled on their newest property – El Dorado Seaside Suites. It’s proximity to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum was the deciding factor. Now we just had to count down the days until VACATION!

Fast forward a few months, a plane ride, 2 hour drive and we’ve arrived at our destination! Upon check in I was assured again that I would have no issues with food while we were there. We were starving after the flight and needed to eat stat! It was lunchtime and the staff recommended we head to the beach to check out the view and enjoy a gluten free pizza. I will never turn down PIZZA! And it didn’t disappoint (the view or the pie)!

I could write a ton of information about each restaurant but we’d be here forever. I got to enjoy Asian, Italian, Mexican, English Pub Food and so much more!!! Pictures don’t even do the food justice!

If you’re looking for a care free, gluten free holiday look no further than the Karisma Resort chain. We stayed at one of their adult only locations but they also have family options. Check them out for your next vacation destination!



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