Paleo Birthday Carrot Cake & More in the Amber Approved Magazine

By May 7, 2015News & Events

Psst… Remember that recipe contest we ran back in March? We are pleased to announce that GF community member, Cory Burdock, was selected as the winner and was featured in the latest edition of the Amber Approved Magazine! On page 37, you’ll find a recipe for her “Paleo Birthday Carrot Cake” that is sure to have your mouth watering!

A note from our winner: Cory Burdock

“Hi! I’m cory and I have been a diagnosed Celiac since the age of 16. Back then, there was little to nothing of pre-made food that was gluten free or for recipes, resources and support. I struggled out on my own to learn how to cook gluten and dairy free. Wtih much trial and error, I have learned how to make great tasting food that not only I enjoy, but my friends and family do as well. It’s a personal mission to create food that can bring people together and not harm me in the process. This is one of those such recipes. Growing up, Carrot cake was one of my favorite foods. I have an insane sweet tooth, but processed and refined sugar causes an flare in my symptoms, so I’ve adapted traditional carrot cake to a much healthier, yet equally satisfying (in my opinion) cupcake that I served at my birthday.”

Be sure to peruse the rest of the magazine for more great reads, tips and tricks (including an article from our Founder, Tessa May Marr, called “Living Gluten-Free: Everyone’s Doing it, and of course, subscribe to the online magazine to have your copy delivered to your own inbox!