Product Review: Big Valley BBQ – Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

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I’m one of those weird people that will BBQ at -35 C but for you normal folk, it’s FINALLY BBQ season! Not everyone likes using BBQ sauce when they grill but if you’re looking for a great one – we love Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce from Big Valley BBQ. 

Big Valley BBQ isn’t just your average sauce company. They’re award winning! We’re talking BIG winners like taking home both the Condiment and Salsa Championship at the World Hot Sauce Awards.

Seriously this BBQ sauce is the bee’s knees (no bees are harmed in the making of this sauce). If you don’t know their story, fly on over to their website and check it out:

I’m not normally one to put sauce on my meats – usually a spice kinda guy. But the flavour in this sauce is UNREAL! We’ve been loving it on our chicken and even steaks. It’s on the sweet side with ingredients like mango puree and sugar cane but also has a kick with the addition of chipotle peppers. My mouth is watering.

You have to check out all their products. They have a variety of sauces, salsa and a spice blend. Bow Valley BBQ products can be found all over Calgary including Save On Foods, Sobeys and Safeway this season!

Happy grilling friends!

Mike from GFYYC



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