Recipe: Le Parfait Parfait

By December 7, 2013Recipes

It’s Saturday. And it’s brunch o’clock here in downtown YYC. Kaley decided to craft the healthiest concoction she could come up with to nourish our bodies before we ventured out to Yoga Passage ( to participate in the 108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser this afternoon! (If you have no plans at 1:08 PM today, COME JOIN US!)

Anyway, here is what Kaley came up with this morning! It was so delicious, we just had to share…

about 3/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt
1/2 banana sliced
balls of honeydew melon (if you don’t have a melon baller you’re missing out, Kaley’s favorite kitchen toy)
handful of blueberries
splash of Vanilla (ours is authentic Mexican vanilla… souvenirs from a recent trip!)
sprinkle of cinnamon (or a touch of pixie dust as we like to call it?)
squeeze of key lime
sprinkle a bunch of ground flax seed (freshly ground… get a grinder)
sprinkle a bunch of chia seeds
ooze some honey on top

le parfait parfait
(for you visual eaters out there… we know it doesn’t look super appetizing… but trust me, IT’S GOOD!)

And VOILA! Le Parfait Parfait! Now you, too, can enjoy this baby at home! It’s a super nutritious breakfast that could even be mistaken for a dessert. Here’s hoping this healthy start to our Saturday will counter-act all the wine consumption that we anticipate at a certain holiday party we are attending this evening…?

If you already ate this morning, save this one for another day. Bookmark it!

Happy Saturday kiddies!