The Smith – Our New GF Fave!

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by Tessa-May Marr

There’s a brand new gluten-free favourite in town, so get our your day planners and book yourself a night on the town at The Smith—IMMEDIATELY!

This summer, in the heart of Canyon Meadows, the sign was hung on the two-story building just off McLeod Trail announcing the opening of The Smith Restaurant.

Along with the Calgary Celiac Association Board, we were invited in to sample a selection of items off the menu earlier in the summer, as well as tour the facility, and let me tell you… we were impressed!

First of all, they walked us through the kitchen and the various steps and precautions they have set up to ensure cross-contamination is prevented at all costs. The risk is made especially low as their menu is about 80% gluten-free to begin with, but any products and ingredients that are unsafe for Celiacs are handled with the utmost care. It was very reassuring!

And once the sampling began, the good news story continued. Here are a few snaps of some of the items we got to taste.

The Smith beet salad

Seared beet salad

The Smith Fish Tacos

Fish tacos

Now that the place is up and running, GFYYC Ambassador Rae Lemke Sprung and I decided to pop in for a visit (after a long day of delivering the first GFYYC Goodie Bags all around town). The staff greeted us warmly and we sat down and a cozy table by the window on the main floor, decorated with dark woods, a central bar and even a fireplace.

We reviewed the menu, which is clearly marked with icons indicating any items that are… get this… NOT gluten-free. That’s right—because of the sheer number of items that are gluten-free, they did it this way. I have never seen this before and we were incredibly delighted!

We decided to try a few different things, you know, for research purposes. (You’re welcome.) Here’s what we had (and loved) – Cauliflower Poutine, which is worth the trip all on its own; Chicken and Waffles, which is a great GF twist on the classic; and Fish and Chips, a classic for a reason and wonderfully executed.

smith chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles

smith cauliflower poutine

Cauliflower Poutine – our new favourite

So head down and see our friends at The Smith and sample some of this stuff for yourself! Whether it be on Tuesdays, for Buck a Shuck, Thursdays for fish and chips or on the weekends for some live music. Say hi from us!

Rae Lemke Sprung

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I wear a lot of hats, and one of the most important is gluten-free advocate. I love seeking out and sharing the best ways those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle can find safe and delicious options.

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