Something Sweet Giveaway

Time for something sweet in our cookie giveaway!

It’s now time for our next giveaway! The Something Sweet Giveaway is brought to you by Cookies by George, who have a box of delectable GF Macaroon Chocolate Chunk for one lucky winner in Calgary.

All you need to do to enter is comment on this post and tell us why you’d like to win this sweet treat.Β This contest is open to residents of Calgary only.

We’ll be drawing one name onΒ Friday, January 29thΒ in the morning – so make sure you get your entry in early!

Another thanks to everyone who participated in our first giveaway of 2016! It was great to have so many people involved. Congratulations again to our lucky winners!

Happy snacking, Calgary!

Rae Lemke Sprung

About Rae Lemke Sprung

I wear a lot of hats, and one of the most important is gluten-free advocate. I love seeking out and sharing the best ways those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle can find safe and delicious options.


  • Avatar Patricia Bekrshire says:

    Would love to win this one! I had no idea they had GF cookies there. Will now definitely have to try them out!!

  • Avatar Natalie says:

    This would be an awesome “just because” gift for my girlfriend who has Celiac Disease and is having a tough go with her pregnancy!

  • Avatar Heather says:

    So happy to hear they have a gf option! My celiac son and husband used to love their cookies!

  • Avatar Keri says:

    Did you say Chocolate??? That would be why I would like to win! Mmmmm Chocolate, and I am going through withdrawal… almost a month treat free, so a nice reward is due.

  • Avatar Brianne says:

    I would love this because who doesn’t love cookies! They sound delicious!

  • Avatar Mandy says:

    Would love to gift these to my boyfriend! He’s starting a new career with months of tests and training ahead of him and is pretty stressed out. He could use a some study fuel and a pick-me-up! =)

  • Avatar Christine says:

    Chocolate, coconut and gluten free… Perfect!

  • Avatar Angelina says:

    I would love to win this for my son and the children in our Dayhome! We have been on a special diet for over a year. My son in on the autism spectrum and has a AdHd diagnosis. I have been working hard making foods at home and avoiding many allergenic foods. Because of this we all eat the same way to avoid him getting foods he can’t have. Also once you learn what is good for you..why would you eat anything else πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Kathi says:

    Oh my goodness my girlfriend would love this!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Avatar Cinde Little says:

    I too have a girlfriend who would love these GF cookies…and I’d love to surprise her with this treat. So many reasons to love GFYYC.

  • Avatar Suhani Shah says:

    This sounds like an amazing prize to win!! While I try to eat clean and healthy, cookies … especially freshly baked soft cookies… are definitely my weak point and I like to admit that I have a cookie addiction so gluten free baked cookies would at least make me feel a little better when I indulge! So happy to know that Cookies by George makes gluten free cookies πŸ™‚

  • Avatar caryn s says:

    These cookies look divine!

  • Avatar Krista says:

    Cookies by George has gluten free cookies?! Count me in!

  • Avatar Christina says:

    Seriously excited about this one!! Cookies by George used to be one of my favorite places to get cookies! Would love to try their GF ones!!!

  • Avatar Kelly Payton says:

    I love chocolate chips and coconut in a cookie delicious !! Nice contest yummy!!

  • Avatar Heather Hutchinson says:

    Mmmmmm. Cookies! My sweet tooth has been feeling seriously neglected, winning this would definitely fix that!

  • Avatar CatieCat says:

    I had no clue they had GF cookies! I’d love to win because the end of 2015 was really rough and 2016 had better be nicer and super sweet πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Antuaneth r says:

    This is exciting….looks so yummy

  • Avatar miranda says:

    Would love to enter to share with co-workers! We all need a little pickup to get through the dark winter months

  • Avatar Shannon says:

    I didn’t even know Cookies by George had GF cookies – fantastic! As someone with celiac disease, it’s always nice to hear about new options for our formerly favourite foods. I’d love to try these!

  • Avatar Richelle Kenn says:

    Would love to win this prize!! Looks delish

  • Avatar Dayna says:

    One thing I miss since is yummy cookies that I don’t have to make myself. I’d love to give them a try and might even share.

  • Avatar Deanna says:

    Love these! Got a box for a gift after having a baby and now I’m HOOKED! Please, hook me up with more πŸ™‚ I have one every month on the 13th (the day she was born) to celebrate.

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